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    Workout Warrior


    Brought to you by: FiTCamp Challenge

    This workout will get you into the best shape of your life over the next six weeks.

    1st Location: North Shore Open Space Park
    2nd Location: 23rd & Collins Avenue (parking lot next to the W Hotel
    *Participants will be notified by calendar invite of locations.
    *Workout locations subject to change.

    DURATION OF WORKOUT: 60 minutes

    DAYS PER WEEK: 3 - Monday, Wednesday, Friday

    TIME: 6:30pm

    WARRIORS: 20
    Only 20 Warriors will be chosen,

    WEEKS: 6

    START DATE: September 04, 2017

    FITNESS: You must be injury free, with the ability to swim, run, jump and perform basic physical tasks. You must have a Facebook/Instagram account and make weekly posts on your Facebook/ Instagram page about your Warrior progress. You must agree to before and after pictures, being filmed during your workout, and also agree to conduct a video confession/interview if chosen. All participants must sign a liability waiver.

    NUTRITION: All participants will complete an Initial Nutrition Consultation, conducted by Regeneration Nutrition, and will participate in weekly follow-up consultations for the duration of the six week program.

    UNIFORM: Each participant must purchase at least two Workout Warrior T-shirts which will be worn to each workout. The uniform will be the Workout Warrior T-shirt and black bottoms. Failure to wear your uniform will disqualify you from the program.

    APPLICATION: Send your submission for this six week workout that will get you in the best shape of your life to: We will accept all submissions but only 20 Warriors will be chosen for this body sculpting six-week commitment. Submissions must be in before: August 05, 2017 6PM Eastern time. Chosen applicants will be notified by text message and or email before August 12th 2017.

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    Workout Warrior

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