Wellfitness brings the health and beauty industry to one location allowing customers and vendors to browse through the latest health and beauty products and services. Wellfitness prides itself on bringing only elite health and beauty providers to its customers.

Khalil W Bell (Founder/Owner)
Khalil established Wellfitness, Inc. in 1997 to help individuals lead a healthier and happier lifestyle by staying fit. He has degrees in Physical Education, Business Management and holds numerous health and fitness certifications. He is also a former US Ranger and a professional boxer holding an Aikido ranking of 3rd Dan (sandan) black belt and hakama. Khalil’s training programs focus on the following:

Weight Management | Body Building | Speed and Agility | Functional Training | Military Style Boot Camp | Group Training | Physical Rehab

He takes great pride in providing the best Certified/Licensed programs available with superior Spa and Fitness programs in the Miami Beach, FL; New York; and Washington, D.C. areas. He aspires to help individuals reach their fitness goal by inspiring them become Fit to Live life to its fullest.

Donna Alexander (Director Washington DC Area)
Donna is a recognized leader in women’s wellness, whose mission is to provide programs and services that benefit the overall well-being of women, their families and friends. Her goal is to keep women HAPPY, HEALTHY, SEXY and STRONG by fostering the inner core of most women’s desire to enhance their beauty, sensuality, have loads of fun while increasing their fitness. Donna’s background has focused on fitness and  wellness programming, personal enhancement coaching, beauty, bodywork, massage, and personal care.

Gillian Johnson (Director New York Area)
Gillian has always loved exercise and health. Today she is involved in a wide array of fitness-related activities, working with everyone from students to senior citizens. Gillian enjoys educating, motivating and training her clients on all aspects of fitness, including cardio-endurance, muscular strength and endurance, and flexibility. She develops individualized and effective exercise programs that best meet each client’s distinctive backgrounds and goals, whether it is weight loss or sport-specific training. To keep abreast of the latest fitness breakthroughs and trends in the fitness and health industry, Gillian attends a number of workshops and conferences each year.

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