*Includes Wellfitness Coach Pro Membership Access
We keep track of your progress, commitments, reactions and actions to increase focus on reaching your personal goals while preventing injuries.
-Personal Training: One on one personalized training sessions. Exercise programs for clients with diabetes, cholesterol, hypertension and obesity.
Client’s fitness level will be evaluated weekly to adjust fitness levels and training modalities to advise clients on different wellness regimens outside the lifestyle coach membership.
-Wellness evaluation: Bi-weekly wellness evaluation (BMI, blood pressure, cardiovascular VO2 check)
– Client information: Includes intake information, medical status, and other coaching notes.
– Progress tracking: Tracking over 250 different values, from weight to endurance to muscle strength. Also tracks blood pressure, BMI, VO2max, cholesterol and glucose levels.
– Challenges:Introduce a competitive element to your workouts. Adds clients to challenges and track their progress.
– Connect: Stay in touch with your lifestyle coach with easy access to call, email, text or WhatsApp message them.
– Seamless integration with the Wellfitness App. As a client you can track your own progress in your app profile.
All data is synced to your Coach app through Apple or Google integrations by connecting your smart devices.


Nutrition Planning
*Includes Food App Pro Membership Access Integrated with Wellfitness for home & gym workouts
Our food database is linked to several official food databases. These food databases are updated on a regular basis. The foods on this list have been validated by expert nutritionists. Answer a few questions about your lifestyle and goals and access personalized nutrition plans. We support plans for many goals: weight loss, maintaining weight, weight gain and building muscle. Eat what you want, but keep an eye on those calories, carbs and fats.

Personal Counseling

Virtual consultations are conducted on a daily basis to supervise and follow up with client’s health and wellbeing.
Health and Wellness lifestyle coaches’ per visit scheduling is two (2) hours any additional time needed, and/or required over the time schedule will accumulate and additional billing cost of the membership hourly rate, which will be billed directly to the client’s account and an invoice will be sent out to list all dates and times of additional services. *Authorization will be required prior to exceeding the set forth schedule.

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